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Supply of Wholesale Catering Equipment for our customers
Services for Building Contractors and Developers
Planning & Design Services
Services for Managers & Business Owners
Additional services


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Welcome to the Gastronomy Technology Division, we supply the complete design and installation service of quality and energy efficient products to the catering industry.

All services supplied by the Gastronomy Technology Division are in accordance with the statutory legislation  within the Czech Republic, and adhere to the following:

  • Decree No. 258/2000 Public Health Protection
  • Decree No. 137/2004, supporting HACCP processing system, Sanitary Code in Catering and Personal and Operational Hygiene Principles in the activities of epidemiological importance
  • Decree No. 602/2006, amending Decree No. 137/2004
  • European Parliament and European Council Decree No. 852/2004, dated April 29, 2004, concerning Food Hygiene

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Supply of Wholesale Catering Equipment for our customers:
    At the Gastronomy Technology Division we supply & install only the best equipment for your kitchen. We offer flexible terms & conditions for budget refits and are able to compete on price with some of the leading companies in the Czech Republic. Our comprehensive repairs centre leads the way to fast efficient repairs and gives our customers confidence in us and our business.
  • Services for Building Contractors and Developers
    We provide subcontractors services for building contractors & developers
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  • Planning & Design Services
    We prepare all project documentation required to proceed with the project development (ie. planning permission).
  • Services for Managers & Business Owners
    We help managers and owners of existing catering facilities to improve their energy efficiency and reduce costs of running their businesses.
  • Additional services:
    We offer Interior Design services from initial planning to completion for catering facilities in the Czech Republic and abroad.