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Heat pump air-water NORD-L

Air Heat Pump Water Mark. STANDARD WWBC are designed for heat pump heating vody.Tepelné NORD-L forms a compact unit built into a single box of painted steel sheets. The heat pump is designed for use outdoors. When installing we recommend to use storage (clock) tank to prevent frequent switching on and off the unit (it reduces the life of the compressor). We simply engaging in heating via heat exchanger in the storage tank to carry out preheating TUV.Čerpadla NORD-L standard temperature sensor is equipped with storage tanks, de-icing system and work until the outdoor temperature -15 ° C. In the outdoor temperature is low enough thermal power units secured with an auxiliary electric reheating, located in the storage container (3 to 4.5 kW). The electronic control unit provides for automatic pump operation, defrost the evaporator air humidity and the operation of the primary circuit pump. The control unit switches the operation of the circulator autorestart memory parameter settings and system antifrost water heat exchanger. Reliability Standard heat pump with a very reasonable price and ease of installation and have made this heat pump low-priced product on the market. Heat pump air water NORD-L is available to sign for everyone.

Heat pump type air water STANDARD is used for heating houses or smaller industrial buildings. Products are designed for connection to a low-heating system. Ideal heating assembly is primarily floor, wall or ceiling heating. Heat pumps operate in its principle as a cooling device, the driving element is driven by an electric cooling compressor. The equipment in the outdoor evaporator removes heat from the environment with higher temperature (from ambient air) into the environment with lower temperature (coolant). Heat absorbed from the ambient air heat pump technology to transmit water heating.

WWBC 9,5 H-B               WWBC 13,5 H-A-S                 WWBC 19,5 H-A-S

Heat pumps air water standard is certified in mechanical Testing Institute in Brno, performance parameters according to DIN EN 14511