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Supply of Wholesale Catering Equipment

Czech Republic Wholesale Department

Přehled zboží

  • We supply an extensive range of quality gastronomy equipment to the catering trade.

Transport of goods for free

  • Transport, packing, shipping - always for free (service is for free transport of goods subject to quantitative sampling)

Slevy na zařízení

  • We offer 2% discount on orders from our online shop to help towards your catering facility’s  running costs (ie. energy bills, rent etc.)

Slevy na platbu předem

  • An extra 2% discount for every payment in advance

Výhodná instalace a montáž zařízení

  • For all orders above 100,000 CZK (excluding VAT) we offer installation services and fitting of the purchased equipment by a skilled technician free of charge.

Zakázkové a individuální cenové nabídky

The Gastronomy Technology Division will also produce technical and financial estimates according to your specifications for the following:
• Bespoke stainless steel furniture, interior joinery, catering equipment specified in the project documentation.
• Made to meas. stainless steel and joinery furniture for cutting edge design.

Výše uvedené podmínky velkoobchodu platí pro dodávky zařízení v ČR


Your art & our facility = The right choice

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